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30/09/2021   I do think it's very clear to every one why there wasn't many activities here since one year.
    However, things are happening again, slowly, some dates are coming...
25/09/2020   I'm very glad to tell you that this year, I joined 2 more bands ; EXITIUM SUI and IMBER LUMINIS.
    Unfortunately my bands had to cancell many gigs but work is going on and few dates are still standing...
12/10/2019   New tourdates
09/05/2019   I'm happy to tell you that, from now, I'm a member of the band CULT OF ERINYES.
    New tourdates
17/11/2018   Two new entries in the discography.
27/09/2018   I'm glad to announce that I joined the belgian band EXUVIATED.
    New videos and new tour date.
03/09/2018   A little update for tourdates, live videos and discography. More news are coming really soon...
09/07/2018   Back in my homeland, I had to leave some of my bands and several of them just stoped their activities. All the
    changes are notified in the ABOUT section.
28/01/2018   New tourdates and live videos.
09/08/2017   New tourdates, new videos and some movements with my bands...
    ROGASH will unfortunately stop its activities in March 2018.
    HUMANITAS ERROR EST and LEBENSSUCHT experienced huge line-up problems but both of them are
    growing stronger than ever with new great musicians.
    I decided to end the work with Grausame Töchter for personal reasons.
28/04/2017   Several updates: Tourdates, About and Discography.
01/01/2017   Today, I'll use the opportunity to thank all the bands and musicians I had the pleasure to played with in
    New recording for BLACK TORMENTOR
    New tourdates
24/10/2016   New collaborations with : EYE OF SOLITUDE, ORGANISM, BLACK TORMENTOR.
    Tons of new tour dates and much more to come soon!!!
    The first Ep "Fucking My Knife" of LEBENSSUCHT is out!!!
04/08/2016   I'm proud to annonce that I joined the great mexican band THRONE OV SHIVA.
    News gigs added.
16/06/2016   The fourth album of GRAUSAME TÖCHTER "Vagina Dentata" is out.
    The release date for ARNWALD "Primal Expurgation" was postponed on the 28/06/2016.
    Update for the "About", "Tour Dates" and "Media" section.
05/04/2016   After hosting issues, the website is back online with a lot of gigs updates!!!
02/01/2016   The second album of ROGASH will be released through War Anthem Records on the 28th February.
    Few more dates for GRAUSAME TÖCHTER.
11/12/2015   Update GRAUSAME TÖCHTER Tourdates for 2016.
    The debut album from ARNWALD will be released over Abstruse Eerie Radiance.
24/11/2015   Update of "Tourdates", "Disco" and "About" infos
08/10/2015   New concerts for several bands.
    Some great news are comming really soon!
07/08/2015   New gigs for DIE WANDERRATTEN and HUMANITAS ERROR EST
23/06/2015   New tourdates for HUMANITAS ERROR EST, GRAUSAME TÖCHTER and ROGASH
    New videos in Media section.
19/04/2015   New tourdates for GRAUSAME TÖCHTER
01/04/2015   New tourdates for HUMANITAS ERROR EST, GRABAK and GRAUSAME TÖCHTER
11/03/2015   HUMANITAS ERROR EST will play at In Flammen Open Air 2015!!!
11/02/2015   New tourdates for GRAUSAME TÖCHTER
03/02/2015   New Website online!
    New concerts for HUMANITAS ERROR EST and ROGASH
22/12/2014   Mini Tour planned with GRAUSAME TÖCHTER as session drummer
    ROGASH will play at Summer Breeze 2015!!!!
10/10/2014   I officialy integrate the death metal band ROGASH aus Jena (Germany)
31/08/2014   New Gigs for HUMANITAS ERROR EST
    Drums Recorded for the first album of HUMANITAS ERROR EST in the Nautilus Studio in Gera
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